When To Change Your Smoke Detector

After 10yrs you should replace your smoke detector.

Many smoke detectors carry a Label with the recommended Replace-by Date.

If not, you should write the purchase date on the side or back of the unit and replace in 10yrs from that date.

Always follow the manufactures instructions for replacement.

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How To Care For And Maintain Your Smoke detectors.

How to care for and maintain your smoke detectors.

Once a month, check the smoke detector by pressing the test button.

When the detector/alarm starts to make a chirping noise its time to replace the battery.

Keep it clean. Dust, debris, and cobwebs can interfere with its operation so vacuum over and around the smoke detector regularly.

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How many smoke detectors does an average home need?

How many smoke detectors/ alarms does an average home need.


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What type of Smoke Detector/Alarm is best for your home?

Please watch the video below as you can see for yourself which is the best type of smoke detector/alarm to fit in your home.

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Optical Smoke Detectors

Optical Smoke Detectors/Alarms 

Optical Smoke Detectors are also known as Photoelectric Detectors and more effective at detecting larger smoke particles produced by slow-burning fires.

Such as smoldering foam-filled upholstery and overheating PVC wiring.

They are marginally less sensitive to flaming FIRES.

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Ionisation Smoke Detectors/Alarms

Ionization Smoke Detector.

Ionization smoke detectors are sensitive to small particles produced by flaming FIRES.

Flaming is a fast fire such as from a chip pan/frying pan.

They are less sensitive to slow burning smoldering fires, which give off larger particle quantities before a flaming occurs.

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What Is A Smoke Detector

What Is A Smoke Detector

A smoke detector is an electronic device used in homes for detecting smoke.

It gives an audible alarm by sensing smoke in the early stages of a FIRE.

A Smoke detector gives those precious few minutes for you and your family to get to safety quickly.



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